Crowns and Dental Bridges in Peterborough

We believe there will always be a need for metal ceramics because of their exceptional masking properties and their favourable wear characteristics. Where there is limited space, the metal can be reduced to 0.5 mm. They can be thinned down to 0.2 mm to accommodate the opposing dentition without any loss of strength. By adding a porcelain margin (anterior region), we can eliminate the grey shadowing at the margin. 

A new generation of technologies has been developed to help meet new market demands, bringing with them benefits to both patients and clinicians, producing high-quality, long lasting and aesthetically pleasing crowns and dental bridges that are also highly accurate. Non-precious frameworks offer an economical alternative to precious metal.
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Composite dentures

GC Gradia composites

Do you want restorations that have the toughness and beauty of natural teeth?

A restoration made from composite material has many benefits such as increased strength and durability. Although composite restorations have aesthetic qualities, they do not give the natural tooth like appearance of porcelain. That is, until now.
New GC Gradia is a unique, light-cured, micro-ceramic-composite system for crowns, bridges, inlays and veneers, which compared to conventional composites gives restorations a more natural colour tone. A product of GC research, GC Gradia’s more natural tooth appearance has been achieved by developing its resin colour tones in conjunction with its application technique. This combined approach to development has created a system where the final restoration is of optimum hue, brightness and chroma, whilst minimising the paleness inherent with composites. The result is a restoration with an opalescence that's comparable to porcelain and closer to natural teeth which would previously have been impossible to attain using traditional composite materials.

Argen for milling

Metal free dental restoration

For the ultimate in aesthetics, restorations can be produced in materials such as zirconia, lithium disilicate and alumina oxide. Restorations include large span bridges, adhesive Maryland type bridges and even inlay retained bridges. These materials display ideal properties for use in the oral cavity. The natural light transmission and opalescence allows a perfect harmony between strength and beauty.

Argen for milling

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