CAD/CAM Milling

Dental milling that meets your needs

At Steve Butler Ceramics Ltd, we specialise in CAD/ CAM milling that is designed to meet your specific requirements. We're based in Peterborough.

Ideal for both the practitioner and the patient

Our dental milling process seeks to improve the production of dental prosthetics. From veneers to bridges, CAD/ CAM milling has helped make dental restorations easier. Please get in touch with us to discuss your queries. We also provide denture repairs in Peterborough. 
monolithic zirconia line

The clear monolithic Zirconia line

Although we can no longer imagine dental technology without monolithic dental restorations, Zenostar’s clear line, goal-oriented and future-ready concept is aimed at the technician, practitioner and also the patient. Zenostar offers a fascinating range of indications, from veneers to bridges, with up to 14 units, thus setting clear standards in the area of monolithic restorations. The Zenostar Art Module consists of stains, glaze and one layer of ceramic.
artificial tooth

What are some of the advantages?

  • Wide range of indications
  • High light transmissions
  • Completely coordinated system
  • Reproduces VITA 3D shades
  • Flexibility and strength
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For professional dental milling services in Peterborough, get in touch with Steve Butler Ceramics Ltd on 01733 211 119
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